Stove Not Heating Up? Maybe One Of These Things Is To Blame


Your oven is responsible for a number of different tasks. It can heat your home in the event of a power outage. It can help you cook up some of the tastiest treats around. However, if the oven isn't heating up properly, it means that there is something going on that needs to be fixed. To find out what might be going on, check out some of the following parts.


Even when the igniter glows, that doesn't mean it is strong enough to keep the gas valve open. When the igniter glows for longer than 1.5 minutes and your oven still doesn't heat, you need to see about having the igniter replaced. The gas flame should ignite within the first 90 seconds. This tends to be the most common component that goes bad on ovens, causing them not to heat up.

Baking Element

Another thing to look at when your oven won't heat up is the baking element. The element is located near the base of the oven. It is roughly the thickness of a pencil and black in color. If your oven is working fine, it will glow bright red. When your oven stops heating, it often means this element isn't working properly.

Oftentimes, you can identify where the element isn't working by looking for a hole or blistering on the element. Ohm meters work great for testing the baking element. Ovens with continuity are fine. If there is not continuity, the element needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Thermal Fuse

Even though this isn't a common problem, thermal fuse issues can cause the oven not to heat properly. When ovens stop working properly, a blown thermal fuse might be to blame. This fuse was created to help protect your stove and make sure a fire doesn't break out. Ovens that get hotter than they should cause the fuse to trip. You cannot reset this fuse. The only option is to have it replaced. You can check to make sure it is getting the proper readings using an Ohm meter. If it reads okay, you don't have to worry about replacing it. You can move on to something else to see what might be the problem.

Having an oven that won't heat up can be a pain, but it doesn't mean that you are stuck with no options. Check through the list of problems identified above to see what might be to blame. For more information about stove parts, contact a professional like K & D Factory Service Inc.


14 July 2015

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