Getting Gamer Parties Going The Right Way


If you're bringing together elite operators from your shooting game clan from across the world, arranging a guild meetup from your Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) or just creating a massive gamer get together in real life, making sure there's enough quality food can be difficult. Ordering a lot of pizza may have been enough in the early days of gaming when the demographic was still a bit limited, but with gaming become a bigger niche with changing tastes, you'll need more than fast food at the door to keep everyone entertained while staying in the game. Take a look at how a caterer for private parties can make your next gaming bash an epic win.

Gluten Free Doesn't Have To Be A Rare Drop

Food allergies have always been a thing, but gaming is no longer at the point where a few slackers can tough it out or bring their own food. If you've got a lot of gamers from other walks of life bringing their diets into your real life meeting, make sure that they're able to enjoy things as well.

Before arranging the meeting, talk about food. Find out who is allergic to which types of food, and get people's opinions when it comes to diet options. If you're reading this and wondering who would be so inconsiderate to not ask, know that there's no shortage of amateur party organizers who force their tastes on others. Even if you're thoughtful, you'll have to think about how the food is prepared and arranged.

You can't just buy a few random dishes that are good for everyone's tastes and throw them on tables. The dishes must be cooked with as little cross-contamination as possible, and you'll need to make sure that the food is properly organized. This is more than just separating the salad bar from the meat and the pasta; people with certain diets need to have direct, obvious access to their dishes, and people with no dietary restrictions need a direct line to the free-for-all.

Raid-Friendly Snack Planning

One difference between gamer gatherings such as LAN (Local Area Network) parties and other get-togethers is that the food is near the computers and gaming systems. That means that crumbs, grease and drinks can spill inside keyboards, and that there may be a lot of dirty controllers.


Although you can't stop some gamers from getting their hands and keyboards dirty, you can reduce the amount of filthy foods available at the beginning. Let the party planners know what's going on and what the expected crowd will be doing, then plan a feeding fest that offers the least greasy and least sloppy choices available.

Food should also be delivered with as many reminders of napkins, hand wiping and spill protection as possible. If it's self serve, party planners can wrap dishes in handkerchiefs or arrange napkins at the pickup station that can't be avoided. Gaming stations should be arranged near bathrooms, but consider a fan system that will blow any unpleasant smells away from the food and gaming. This will make it easier to take bio breaks (bathroom breaks) and get clean in a rush.

Contact a planner for private parties to make your next assembly of gamers a fun party.


8 January 2016

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