Is It Your Turn To Plan A Date?


Do you meet every week with another couple, just to spend some time together? Maybe you make it a point to meet with your siblings or other extended family members at least once a week, or even once a month. No matter who it is, if you take turns planning the date, you might be looking forward to doing something a bit different when it's your turn. From meeting at a coffee shop and then following the meeting with a special dessert, here are some ideas that might help you plan something fun and unique:

Start At An Organic Coffee Shop

If you usually meet the others in your group at a restaurant, think of changing things up a bit. Have you ever been to an organic coffee shop? If so, you more than likely enjoyed it so much that you thought immediately that it would be a great place to return with your date group. Maybe you have often passed an organic shop on your way to work or running errands and you've often thought that you'd love to try it. Either way, setting a date in a coffee shop that serves both organic coffee and other foods might be a great place to visit and have a delicious meal.

If your group is large, say more than six people, consider finding out ahead of time if there will be a place where all of you can be seated together. The manager or the owner of the shop will more than likely be able to make that happen for you, even if your tables and chairs have to be moved temporarily. Then get ready for a feast. There will probably be several different blends of organic coffee and different flavored creamers to add to your drink. The frosting-on-the-cake will be knowing that the coffee beans have been raised in chemical-free soil where only nature's nutrients have made them delicious.

‚ÄčTake Your Group For A Special Treat

Of course, the organic coffee shop might offer desserts, too. That would just mean that you can stay and visit longer with those who come for your special date. However, if the coffee shop doesn't have desserts, consider walking to a nearby ice cream shop where you can continue your visit over a delectable dessert. Another idea is to have a little sack ready with homemade brownies, cookies, or other treats that each person can take home to enjoy later.


27 February 2019

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