What Food Brokers Can Do For You


A food broker plays a big role when it comes to your product getting on the shelves of stores. They have the experience and the connections to help your product end up on the shelves of many stores. The more stores your product goes in, the more profit you will see. If you aren't that familiar with what it is that a food broker does, keep reading.

1. What food brokers can do for you

Food brokers will work with stores to come up with a deal that works well for all parties. Since it can be extremely difficult to get the attention of the store purchasers, it's important to have a food broker to push your product. Food brokers can help you get any type of food into the stores including canned foods, packaged foods, frozen foods, and fresh foods. The brokers will contact stores and work with managers looking for certain products to put on their shelves. The broker will look for that requested product to ensure the stores get what they asked for while helping food suppliers make connections and sales.  

2. How food brokers fight for your products

There is a lot of competition in the grocery store industry. If you think about all of the different sodas on the soda aisle of any store, you will realize just how many different sodas there are. But, that isn't it a depiction of every available option. There are a lot more types of sodas out there that aren't on the shelves of the store you are in. This is why you want a food broker on your side. As an example, the broker can work to try to get your soda put on the shelves. However, since there likely isn't any available space on that aisle, the broker needs to convince the store to create room for your soda. They have the industry-related experience to know how to best approach this by using certain methods on your behalf. 

Not only do food brokers fight to get your products in the store, but they often continue working to get your products the best shelving placement possible. By explaining to the stores the reasons why they feel your product would bring them more profit benign in a specific position (like by the cash registers), they can increase your chances of having your product put in a great spot.

Learn more about the process by contacting food brokers. 


5 August 2020

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