Equipment That Will Aid In Making Stuffed Burgers


Ground meat and a burger press can be used to create stuffed patties that combine a complementary filling and meat mixture. A business that sells equipment for the food industry may feature a press that contains two different press and handle plates and a molding chamber.

The Press Pieces

A manual press will consist of a molding chamber that will aid with creating a patty that is symmetrical. The dual press and handle plates will include a plate that contains a protrusion that will create a cavity in the center of a patty and a plate that contains a flat underside that will bond a top layer of meat over the portion of a patty that contains a filling mixture. Upon assembling a stuffed burger, it can be cooked immediately or frozen. 

Flavor Profiles

Select a flavor profile that you would like to feature during a meal that will include burgers. Ground beef, chicken, turkey, venison, or pork can be used to create stuffed burgers. If you prefer vegan dishes, use a ground vegan meat substitute.

Pair the type of meat that you select with a filling that will complement it. Mushrooms, melted cheese, chili, avocado, and peppers are some ingredients that you can use to create an interesting filling.

If you have difficulty deciding what type of filling to use with a specific meat mixture, consider the meat type and various side dishes that you would typically serve with it. You may need to dice the pieces so that they will adequately fit in the center of a burger. 

The Assembly

A manufacturer that sells hamburger molding equipment will specify how much a burger will weigh and what its dimensions will be, once it has been created in a press. The molding chamber should be slightly dampened with water, prior to adding meat to it. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that you do not overfill the chamber.

Attach the press plate that is designed to hollow out the burger. The press plate should rest over the top of the molding chamber. Turn the handle, pressing the plate downward and separating the meat from the underside of the press plate.

Add the desired filling to the hollow area. Add a layer of ground meat to the top of the molding chamber. Use the plate with a flat underside to seal the top layer of meat to the bottom layer that contains the filling. After removing the patty, use warm water and detergent to clean all of the hamburger molding pieces


6 July 2021

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