Stocking Your Hotel Rooms With Coffee Capsules


It's customary for hotels to leave their guests with a coffee maker and some coffee in the room. This way, guests can make their own coffee in the morning in the privacy of their own space. An easy way to provide your guests with this coffee is to leave coffee capsules and a capsule-style coffee brewer in each room. Here are some tips to follow if you decide to take this approach.

1. Make sure you buy the right type of capsules for the brewers you have

There are several different styles of coffee brewers that use a capsule system. The capsules for each type of system are slightly different shapes and styles. So, before you buy a big, bulk box of coffee capsules, make sure you are purchasing the correct style for your coffee brewers. Your coffee-loving guests may be frustrated if they wake up to find the coffee capsules you left them don't fit in the brewer. The listing details for each type of coffee capsule should tell you which brands of systems they are compatible with.

If you have several different styles of brewers in your hotel, you may want to buy additional of one type so that every room has the same style of system. This way, your room cleaners won't accidentally leave the wrong kind of coffee capsules in any room.

2. Provide a variety of capsules

Some people like light roast coffee, and others like dark roast coffee. Some like decaf, while others only drink coffee with caffeine. The best way to make sure everyone's needs are satisfied is to leave an assortment of capsules in each room. You can buy big, 60-packs of three or four different types of coffee capsules, and then leave two of each in each room every night. When your cleaners service a room, they can just replace whatever capsules were used the previous morning.

3. Practice FIFO with your capsules

Coffee capsules are pretty long-lived, but they do eventually go stale. To avoid giving any guests stale capsules, practice FIFO — first in, first out. When you get a new shipment of coffee capsules in, store them behind the old capsules so that your room cleaners are always grabbing and using the oldest capsules first.

Stocking hotel rooms with coffee capsules is a simple way to show your guests you care. 

For more information, contact a company like Boss Brew Coffee Shop.


23 February 2022

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